Our Story

It all started in the carpet capital of the world, Dalton, GA, with my father. Dad, with his partners, invented a new technology to make a rubberized, high-end carpet pad. Dad is the quintessential entrepreneur and salesman, the eternal optimist and risk taker, much to the dismay of my Certified Public Accountant mother and, at times, the bank. Mom and Dad make a great team, and that is the environment in which I grew up, knowing that I also wanted to work in the family business.

Peachy Clean® was discovered by accident.   One day I was at the sink in our Dalton plant and I noticed some of our material sitting next to the soap.  I had grime on my hands and arms and I used the material to scrub off the grime. It worked great.   If ever there was a lightbulb moment, that was it.  I had just been cleaning my kitchen the previous week and noticed the most foul smell imaginable. It made me want to vomit. I would catch a whiff from time to time, and I couldn’t figure out where the smell was coming from.  Much to my horror, I realized it was my hands.  I washed them several times in a row and they still smelled awful.  This disgusted me even more. What had caused my hands to smell? I stopped everything to investigate.  It was our sponge. A week later, standing next to the sink scrubbing the grime off my hands and arms, was a lightbulb moment and the beginnings of Peachy Clean®.

We worked on Peachy Clean® for four years to bring it to market, making countless prototypes and variations, eventually perfecting the high-end silicone product we have today. My favorite story from this time is when we took a prototype scrubber that we had been using to wash dishes for many months and passed it around a room of consultants and asked everyone to smell the material. We did not tell them what they were holding. When it got to the last person, we explained that they were holding a dish scrubber that had been used for many months. The person holding the scrubber immediately dropped it in disgust, then realizing the magnitude of the invention lying in front of him grabbed the scrubber and jumped to his feet. He was so excited it literally brought him out of his seat.

In a field of low-end products, many of which are brought in from Asia, Peachy Clean® stands apart as an American made product that prides itself on innovation and quality. Traditional sponges can be the dirtiest place in your home, even worse than the toilet. Peachy Clean® resists those nasty odors caused by bacteria growth, mold and mildew. Peachy Clean® lasts longer, and is, of course, safe to use on your pots and pans.  A moist environment helps breed bacteria. That is why Peachy Clean® is specially designed to be fast drying.

Is Peachy Clean® different?  Absolutely. Peachy Clean® is a reinvention of dish and cookware cleaning. Peachy Clean® is proudly made in the USA with American made raw materials by a family business.

Now, it is your turn to get Peachy Clean.

Zach Hubbs
Inventor and CEO